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Concrete Pouring & Finishing

Turn to our large concrete construction company for all your structural needs. At Haun Concrete Construction, we work on commercial, residential, and industrial projects, and our crews can handle any project, from 200 to 25,000 square feet pours. Currently available in Johnson City, Tennessee, our services include:

• Flat Work
• Saw Cutting
• Site Concrete
• Curb and Gutter
• Concrete Pumping
• Demolition
• Foundation Construction

Men Working on Concrete Drying Concrete Work Equipment

Safety First

Safety is a priority at Haun Concrete Construction. We strive to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and all projects. Safety is paramount to any project no matter big or small. With our safety management program, we strive for a zero injury environment on a daily basis.

 At Haun Concrete Construction we take pride in our history and current on- going projects along with future projects to come. We also take pride in the relationships we have established over the years. It is the goal of Haun Concrete Construction to work in a coordinated effort with the customer thereby contributing to the success of all parties and setting the standard for quality, customer service and 100% satisfied customers on a complete project.

Prepping & Pouring

Before you begin construction on walls or a building, you have to start with a strong foundation. Our company preps and pours concrete. By doing this job correctly and utilizing a team of professions, we save time. You also save money by reducing wasted materials.

Men Smoothing Concrete Man Working on Concrete Slab Man Sitting on Equipment